Disc Brakes

Most modern vehicles have at least some assortment of disc brakes in them. The disc brake operates by exerting hydraulic force onto a piston (or multiple pistons) located in the caliper. This in turn presses the brake pads against the disc rotor. The disc rotor turns with your car’s wheel, and thus slows down when the brake pads come in contact with it.

As your car ages, the brake pads will wear down, and are designed to be replaceable.  However, at times, even the underlying rotor will wear out, become deformed or get damaged by debris, an old brake pad, or even a non-existent brake pad. Yes, sometimes people drive their car long enough without changing out the brake pads that they end up damaging the rotors.

At Centerville Tire & Auto, we can help!  We regularly check brakes for our customers to ensure their vehicle is safe.  If the rotors are still in good condition, only the brake pads need to be replaced every so often.  However, in the event your rotors have been damaged, it is recommended that you replace both your rotor and your brake pads.  Failing to do so could cause your new brake pads to wear prematurely by having a deformed rotor grind away at your brake pads.  So make sure to have us check this when you come in for other service such as an oil change.  We’re here to help!

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